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Nintendo lover, ever since his dad bought him his first Game Boy in the 90s. These days he buys his own Nintendos, which is surely the true meaning of being an adult.

An avid fan of The Legend of Zelda series although Animal Crossing has taken over his playtime since New Horizions came out, having only dabbled with New Leaf in the past.
Luke’s favourite villager is Biskit and his island is called Re Albi after the Earthsea books.


After falling in love with the Animal Crossing series many years ago playing Wild World, Sandi has now settled on Lokrum (named after her favourite island in the Adriatic sea, which happens to be inhabited only with animals) with her bestie Tabby. Island dweller by day, zombie killer by night, Sandi likes to divide her video gaming time between Animal Crossing New Horizons and her beloved Playstation.